About us

Business Fields

Teijin Cordley manufactures and sales artificial leathers based on non-woven-fabrics and film products.
To meet customer requirements, we are committed to engineering and developing new functional and aesthetic features while maintaining a high standard of quality control.
The products we supply are used to manufacture a wide variety of final products including sporting goods, lifestyle materials and industrial materials in diversed fields in Japan and abroad.

Sporting goods applications

We supply materials for sporting goods manufacturers around the world, mainly for athletic shoes and balls.
As our long-time collaboration with sporting goods manufacturers have borne fruit, their products using our materials are being chosen by many top athletes.

Lifestyle and industrial material applications

We supply our products for use in lifestyle materials such as randoseru, men's and women's shoes for the Japanese market as well as for use in industrial materials such as mobility and precision polishing applications.
In the field of lifestyle materials, the texture and durability of Cordley products are well demonstrated, while in industrial material applications, we meet users' specific quality control requirements.

Quality assurance and environmental policies

  • We implement strong quality assurance through defining quality objectives and making ongoing improvements.
  • We aim at environmentally responsible processes and comply with all relevant laws and ethical standards.

    Shimane Factory has been certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001