About Cordley®

Cordley® is the generic brand name of artificial leathers, synthetic leathers and films manufactured by Teijin Cordley Limited.
In the early years after the company's foundation, we manufactured only artificial leathers. But recently, taking advantage of the polymer processing technologies, through our long experience, we have expanded our product lineup to include film products. These prodcuts are utilized for a variety of parts used in sporting goods as well as lifestyle and industrial goods.

Material data

Artificial leather

Artificial leathers are manufactured by impregnating a non-woven fabric substrate and coating with a resin such as polyurethane. Cordley® artificial leathers have a fiber layer with a random three-dimensional conformation which is very similar to that of natural leather. Combined with surface polyurethane processing technologies, they reproduce the touch, texture and quality of natural leather to a high degree. Our artificial leathers are now used for a wide range of products including football boots, basketballs, footballs, randoseru and men’s shoes. Previously, it was thought that only natural leathers were able to satisfy users’ quality requirements for these products. Because of our ability to provide a stable supply of high quality products, we have built a strong sense of trust in diverse markets.

Major applications

  • Athletic shoes
  • Balls
  • Randoseru
  • Men's shoes/Casual shoes
  • Mobility

No-sew FILM

No-sew films are materials that can be bonded by hot melt adhesion without the need to sew or apply an adhesive. Teijin Cordley has developed films of high strength and durability which remain flexible even after bonding. This has been achieved by applying the technologies it has developed from long experience in the manufacture of artificial leathers. Due to these superior characteristics, our films have been adopted by a major sporting goods manufacturer as a standard material for its football boots. They are now increasingly being used also for clothing materials, IT products and mobility applications. We offer a wide variety of grades in terms of thickness, flexibility, durability and bonding conditions to meet customer requirements.

Major applications

  • Athletic shoes