Breathable artificial leather AIRY®

AIRY® is a high-performance material with breathability. A microporous surface having holes smaller than water droplets can prevent penetration of moisture such as rain and snow.


Highly breathable AIRY®

Micro holes formed on the surface make the material breathable. Because the material does not cause a "sweaty" feeling, it is used for men's shoes, rain shoes and the back of randoseru.

Enlarged view of the surface of AIRY®
Enlarged view of the surface of AIRY®
Patented proprietary technologies are used to make holes as small as 10~40μm in diameter
Breathability test for AIRY®
Breathability test for AIRY®
  • Reduced sweaty feeling
  • Lightweight
  • Great variety of surface finishing choices
  • Easy care

Breathability test(Japanese)